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NHS Communicate



Building on the great success of 2021’s inaugural conference, NHS Communicate 2022 is an opportunity for NHS communicators to explore and debate the reputation of the health service and their own role in promoting and protecting it.  Whether it is demonstrating the value the NHS delivers to patients, or positioning the NHS as an employer of choice, NHS communicators play a vital part. 

Originally scheduled to take place on 14 September 2022, we took the decision to reschedule our conference to Wednesday 1 February, following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We hope you still join us as we will hear from expert speakers from NHS charities, universities, think tanks and other public sector organisations.  And, of course, we will hear from professional communicators working in many different parts of the NHS.

The conference chair is Victoria Macdonald, Health and Social Care Editor at Channel 4 News.

The programme is correct at the time of publishing. The Communicate Conference team reserve the right to amend the programme at any time.

  1. 10 mins
    Victoria Macdonald, Health and Social Care Editor at Channel 4 News will open NHS Communicate Conference 2022.
  1. 50 mins
    This session will attempt to explore the question: Who is responsible for managing the reputation of the NHS?  At a moment of significant change for the NHS, and as we face significant challenges, we ...
  1. 45 mins
    More and more we are seeing the positive and increasing impact of NHS charities. This session will explore how we as communicators can embrace the potential opportunities presented by charities to enhance and improve the reputation of the wider NHS, identifying the synergies and opportunities for better joined-up work.
  2. 45 mins
    The NHS and wider health and care system routinely gathers insight and feedback from patients and services users – both at a local and national level. But many people believe we do not do enough to an ...
  3. 45 mins
    Senior communications leaders frequently find themselves at the centre of handling extremely sensitive and challenging issues.  Our panel will be discussing their experiences of how leaders can effect ...
  4. 45 mins
    Our staff are some of our best ambassadors.  How do we as communicators support them to feel valued and engaged when morale is low?  Can we use technology to communicate with staff more effectively?  ...
  1. 50 mins
    In the NHS we must be prepared to face human tragedies, often featuring organisational failure or shortcomings, with implications that can be enormous and upsetting.  Our expert panel will give a vari ...
  1. 30 mins
    Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam is well-known and highly respected for his leadership role during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the acquisition and rollout of vaccines and antiviral drugs.  He wi ...
  1. 45 mins
  1. 55 mins
    Diversity and the workforce of the Future.  How can we address diversity issues within the NHS communications profession?  Are we making NHS communications an attractive enough employment opportunity? ...
  1. 45 mins
    The drive towards a more digital NHS is intended to improve patient care, patient experience and patient outcomes but helping patients to understand that new technology can be beneficial requires top ...
  2. 45 mins
    Are we ready to address health inequalities and do we understand the real social determinants of health? How can health and care communicators become part of the solution of health inequalities? And h ...
  3. 45 mins
    With the pressures of communications constantly increasing and the impacts of the pandemic on the way we work, this session will focus on how we can support the wellbeing of communicators in the workp ...
  1. 15 mins
  1. 60 mins
    Research published earlier this year suggested that satisfaction with the NHS among the public is at the lowest level ever recorded.  Facing a new wave of criticism from media commentators, and with s ...
  1. 15 mins
    Our conference chair, Victoria Macdonald will close NHS Communicate conference 2022.