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ICSs: A new frontier in how we use patient insight

01 Feb 2023

The NHS and wider health and care system routinely gathers insight and feedback from patients and services users – both at a local and national level. But many people believe we do not do enough to analyse and interpret the insights, let alone act on them. With the advent of integrated care systems, the health communications and engagement profession has a golden opportunity to deliver a step change in how we gather, interpret and act on the feedback and insights of our local communities. In this practical session, communications leaders from ICS and provider trusts will talk through the opportunities and how they are making this a fundamental part of their communication and engagement strategies.

Claire Riley, Executive Director of Corporate Governance, communications and involvement - North East and North Cumbria ICS
Alex Ball, Director of Communications and Engagement - Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System
Claire Hankey, Director of Communications and Engagement - Director of Communications and Engagement
Ruby Bhattal , Head of Communications and Marketing - Nottingham City Council